Emma Watson: Why Rupert Grint Was Terrified to Kiss Her

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Emma Watson is a beautiful actress. Most men would love to kiss the Harry Potter star. Not so Rupert Grint, however. Known for his role as red-headed wizard Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series of films, Grint learned he had to kiss Emma Watson and stewed over it for quite some time.

“I never look back at that scene,” Grint said in an interview with People magazine on Friday at Universal Orlando’s "Celebration of Harry Potter" event. “I’ve known Emma since she was literally 9 years old and we had this very brother-sister relationship. And it just felt very surreal. I have a memory of her face getting closer and closer. Like, ‘Oh my God.’ I can’t really remember anything apart from that.”

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint didn't practice their kissing scene either.

“One take was enough. It was such a huge moment and there was so much expectation. Quite a lot of pressure actually," Grint said.

Emma Watson has spoken out in the past about her kissing scene with Rupert Grint, as well as about kissing Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter himself.

“Rupert was the weirdest. Dan [Radcliffe] wasn’t so bad,” she said. “I just had to remind myself, ‘I am an actress. I am Hermione. This is a role.’ But it was really hard. We just have so much history together. They are like my brothers.”

“Dan and I could sort of have a laugh about it. Whereas Rupert’s a bit more quiet so I didn’t really know what he was thinking which made me a bit more nervous," she added.

If you don't recall Emma Watson and Rupert Grint's iconic kiss as Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, you can check it out below.

Grint no doubt realizes there are countless men who would love to have traded places with him, for just one tender little kiss from Emma Watson.

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