Emma Watson Shares Self-Portrait


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Emma Watson isn't just a talented actress. The Harry Potter babe is also quite the artist.

In a Vogue Interview, Watson's talents were made even more apparent.

The interview Amanda Foreman recalls taking a tour Watson's home. Foreman wrote, "As Emma takes me on a tour of her house, the extraordinary depth and breadth to her talents become obvious. Every room is framed around a beautiful artifact — a piece of furniture or fabric picked up at a flea market in Paris or Los Angeles — and her artworks show that she can both paint and draw exquisitely. One picture stands out: It is a self-portrait of Emma holding a camera. The lens is aimed menacingly at the viewer, like the barrel of a gun, a neat illustration of what we had just experienced at the Tate."

The self-portrait is beautiful. The gaze held in the picture is static yet haunting. While Watson is holding a camera in the painting, we wonder if that's her interpretation of all of the paparazzi she's encountered over the years.

It turns out painting isn't the only form of art we haven't experienced yet. In an interview with UK Marie Clarie, the stunning actress spilled about her other artistic talents.

"I paint and I draw and I write and I do other things too, and recently some people at school were asking if I'd ever publish any of my [written] work. But I almost feel like I would have to publish it under another name because there's a definition of me out there that feels kind of stuck in the moment when it was formed. I was 15 or 16 then, and I'm now 23."

Will Watson take up other art even more so now that she's done with the Harry Potter films?

Image Via YouTube