Emma Watson Says She's Not Dating Prince Harry

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Emma Watson, despite the hopes and dreams of everyone on the planet, is decidedly NOT dating Prince Harry.

Sigh...I know. I had images of Hermione Emma Watson becoming royalty just like everyone else. The story goes, when Prince Harry heard that Emma Watson and her British rugby player boyfriend Matthew Janney broke up at the end of last year, he sent her an email inviting her to a party.

12 friends accompanied Emma Watson to the party for comfort’s sake, but Harry and Emma Watson seemed to really hit it off.

That is what is rumors subsisted on. The observations that Emma Watson and Prince Harry are really enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other really well were just too delicious to be true.

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A friend of Harry's reportedly told Us, "[It's] fake. It's such a random story."

Booo, Harry's friend.

Emma Watson denied the rumors (well, pretty much, anyway) via Twitter. She posted this tweet, suggesting that we shouldn't believe everything we read.

However, the world is not ready to give up on Emma Watson and Prince Harry. Really, it's just too awesome.

What do you think? Are you ready to give up on Princess Emma Watson or are you holding out hope for another giant, magical (see what I did there?) wedding?

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