Emma Stone To Continue In "Cabaret" Role

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Emma Stone will continue in her role as Sally Bowles in the Broadway revival of Cabaret for a little bit longer.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star took over the role from Michelle Williams. Williams snatched it up after Stone had to initially drop the role due to scheduling conflicts.

Emma Stone will be rocking the stage until February 15th, but another woman must be cast to finish out the show's run until March 29th. That replacement will be announced later.

Stone began her performance with Cabaret on November 11th of last year. In doing so, she joined a long list of distinguished actresses who have played Sally Bowles over the years. Gina Gershon, Melina Kanakaredes, Natasha Richardson, Jane Leeves, Lea Thompson, Alyson Reed and Judi Dench are also among those who have been privileged enough.

The show is set in Berlin in 1931. The plot centers around the goings-on of the extravagant Kit-Kat Klub as the world outside becomes chaotic and war-torn.

Cabaret has found success as both a Broadway show and a film starring Liza Minnelli (in the role that Emma Stone now holds), Joel Grey, and Michael York. The film and play are both based on the 1951 Broadway play I Am a Camera.

I Am a Camera was based on the book Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood.

All are great works of art and they have built a legacy that Emma Stone can be proud to be part of. But, that is not all she has going on right now!

Emma Stone starred in several movies that were released last year. Also, it was recently announced that she will reprise her voice role as Eep in the upcoming sequel, The Croods 2.

What do you think of Emma Stone's role in Cabaret and her recent movies?

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