Emma Stone: The Amazing Spider-man Sequel, Love, and Dying Young

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Emma Stone has been on a whirlwind promo tour for tomorrow's release of The Amazing Spider-man. And with all the frenzy of interview after interview, she may have accidentally leaked some need-to-know information to the press. She recently hinted at a sequel to The Amazing Spider-man, according to Showbizspy. According to the celebrity gossip publication, the Gwen Stacy actress is quoted as saying "Uh, yeah, we're going to make another Spiderman... I think, so..." before being taken away by her publicist.

You never know with this kind of stuff, but given Hollywood's love of sequels and inability to come up with original material, a sequel does seem likely. But do we really need to be worrying about that at this point. The Amazing Spider-man hasn't even been released in the US yet. Let's see how this one goes first.

Stone also talked with i09 recently about her role as Gwen Stacy in the new Spider-man update: "In terms of her as a character, [it was] kind of a hodgepodge of different versions of Gwen. I know she's not very hippieish, and I don't think she will ever be birthing Norman Osborn's twins [like in the comics]. I don't think that will be happening, or moving to London. We tried to keep some of that moxie in there, and some of that self-assuredness. She's the daughter of a police chief. She's the oldest daughter and there's that responsibility that kicks in when she thinks that he could die any day. I think it was important that she took on that energy of being in charge of her family. And unwittingly she's drawn to a man who is in the same position, a little Electra thing going on there." So her version of Gwen Stacy will take the qualities of her character without going through the drama that lead up to it. We will see a toned down character in this version.

She goes on to talk about how she sees the love story aspect of The Amazing Spiderman. Stone really wanted to capture the innocence of first love with her role as Gwen: "I wanted again to experience that feeling of first love, before you know what it's like to get your heart completely shattered. That life or death love, where you say, "I know what love is!" But in this circumstance, it actually is life or death. I wanted to feel that again. I wanted to unlearn. Go from the very beginning of, "Oh my God, there's an attraction to another human being, in a way I've never felt that way before what is this?" It was a matter of unlearning, and letting yourself be 17 in these moments. It's fun you guys should try it, it's pretty cool, it's pretty cool to feel that way."

On a more personal note, Stone recently talked to ShowbizSpy about her fascination with death. An obsession that led to fits of anxiety and seeking therapy as a child. “I’m close to my mortality, not in a freaky way but constantly. I feel hyperaware that everything could end. That’s always been in my mind, for whatever reason, since I was very small,” she said. "I was in therapy for two years as a kid. As someone with anxiety you’re constantly waiting for the next attack. I think I tend to worry more when things are good. I know those things will change."

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