Emma Stone: Scene In "Irrational Man" Made Her Mother Laugh And It's Not The One You'd Think

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Emma Stone has once again taken up with Woody Allen for his latest film, Irrational Man.

The film follows a philosophy professor, played by Joaquin Phoenix, as he deals with a midlife existential crisis and a relationship with a student, played by Emma Stone.

Emma Stone said that while this is her second film with Woody Allen, her first being Magic in the Moonlight, she would call herself a "muse" or a "student" of his.

Emma Stone also revealed that while her character in the film is pretty good at following her instincts, she is not that great at it.

E!'s Maria Menounos asked during the interview, "Do you listen to your instincts as much as you wish you did?"

Emma Stone aptly replied, "No, never as much as I wish I did. It was better when I was younger, too, when there was less complication in life, it's easier to just kind of do...it's like a toddler. 'That's mine! I want that!' But it's harder to do that as you, you know, have more life to balance...That's the great thing as an actor: that's like your entire job, to listen to your instincts—at least when you're playing a character."

That bit about having life to balance as you get older...truer words were never spoken.

Emma Stone also revealed that there was a scene in which her mother couldn't help laughing. And while one might assume it to be an awkward love scene with Joaquin Phoenix, it was not.

Emma Stone said, "I brought my mom to watch the movie and she burst out laughing through the whole scene. She was just hysterically laughing. She was like, 'You play the piano? Yeah, right! What are you doing? How does anyone believe you?'"

Interesting. Will you be seeing Irrational Man with the interesting combination of Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix?

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