Emma Roberts Reveals Her Worst Fears

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Emma Roberts joined the cast of American Horror Story during season three as the witch Madison Montgomery.

During a recent interview at Paleyfest, The Family star revealed how frightening it was to film some of the scarier scenes, especially the ones filmed at night.

"We do a lot of night shoots so will be working until 4am in these old buildings in New Orleans and you are looking over your shoulder down the hallway sometimes," Roberts explained.

"I am so terrified at the thought of ghosts and movies like The Shining scare me so much and so I am the person that is saying it's haunted and everyone is telling me to relax. I am the person checking under the bed and behind the shower curtain and there is nothing there but I'm terrified," she continued.

Roberts said that when she was approached about the part she was very nervous but knew the experience would be something new and exciting that her fans would have never expected from her. She decided to embrace her role and give it her all.

"I jumped into American Horror Story thinking I would have to do stuff out of my comfort zone but I would just have to do it. I loved the character and the show so much it just made it fun and challenging that as an actress I got to do stuff people would never expect of me."

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