Emily Ratajkowski Says "Blurred Lines" Wasn't "Overly Sexualized"

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Emily Ratajkowski made her onscreen debut in a racy music video--she appeared, in fact, topless throughout--but she says she doesn't think the video was all that sexual.

Ratajkowski became a near-overnight success after Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" hit the airwaves and quickly went viral, due in part to the many beautiful young women who were dancing nude or nearly nude around the singer. She later went on to land a role in Ben Affleck's hit Gone Girl, and in a recent interview she explained why she doesn't think the video that led to her success is such a big deal.

"We took something that on paper sounded really sexist and misogynistic and made it more interesting, which is why women love that video and why it became a viral success. There's an attitude and energy there that goes beyond girls shaking their ass around suited men — a confidence that I think is refreshing. We don't have any images of nude women other than in really beautiful magazines shot by great photographers that aren't overly sexualized. And I think that "Blurred Lines" wasn't overly sexualized, and that's what made it interesting," Emily said.

Ratajkowski has since moved on, landing a role in We Are Your Friends with Zac Efron and a gig writing for Lena Dunham's upcoming newsletter for young women.

"It's a little overwhelming, especially because it hasn't been launched yet, so I don't have any examples. It's an amazing platform and I want to take it seriously and whatever I write to be fun and interesting but also really cover a lot," Emily said.

Emily Ratajkowski told the L.A. Times that because she now has so many followers on social media, she's very conscious of the things she posts.

"You get people who are like, "If you want to be taken seriously as an actress, don't post any sexy photos." And that's.... You can do whatever you want — that's what being a woman is. That being said, I definitely think there's a performance side of it. It's not me. I'm not posting my meal when I think it's a great, delicious meal. I do factor in the audience and cater to them," Emily said.

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