Emily Maynard: Brad Womack Claims He Dodged a Bullet


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Emily Maynard has headed back to the airwaves in search of some lightly-scripted romance in "The Bachelorette", which may come as a surprise to those who watched Brad Womack's season of the show's male-centric counterpart "The Bachelor". After all, Maynard supposedly "won" the contest, which, in theory, means that the young lady and her new beau were to ride off into the sunset together. Unfortunately, true love didn't continue once the credits had rolled.

In a recent interview with a local ABC affiliate, Womack stated, "I think I dodged a bullet with that relationship." Maynard obviously feels the same way, as she currently has her own gaggle of potential suitors lined up for a little primetime romance.

You have to be a hopeless romantic to put yourself on 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette',” Maynard explained. “It scares me to death, but everything I went through on The Bachelor was worth it. I fell in love and it changed me as a person." Of course, I'm sure the $250,000 paycheck she received to participate in the latest season of "The Bachelorette" was another good reason to give the dating show another shot.

So what, exactly, is Maynard looking for in a potential spouse? Besides wanting her life to be as normal as humanly possible -- which, you know, is often easy to do once you've been on a national television program -- she also wants the guy to understand that her daughter Ricki comes first and foremost.

It helps the guys know what they are getting into with me — and most importantly, I get to make my daughter, Ricki, lunch every day and leave notes in her lunch box," Maynard said.

"The Bachelorette" is currently airing Monday nights on ABC.