Emily Deschanel Sues Fox For Cheating Her Out Of "Bones" Money

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Emily Deschanel and her co-star David Boreanaz have filed suit against 20th Century Fox for denying them millions of dollars in profits from the hit show Bones.

The actors--along with Kathy Reichs, upon whose books the show is based--are seeking their share of profits from the show, which is the longest running hit Fox has ever broadcast. According to Variety, the lawsuit alleges that Fox “has engaged in a systematic and pervasive effort to cheat” the stars and creator out of the money they should have been earning over the years as the show gained success.

Fox has not commented on the lawsuit. However, the suit alleges that Fox used deceitful acts to keep the stars from earning their share of the profits, including self-dealing in licenses to Hulu and Netflix, improper allocations of "package fees", and improper charging costs for a spinoff pilot.

Meanwhile, Deschanel is busy enjoying her baby boy, who was born in June. It's the second son for Emily, who became an aunt over the summer as well when her sister Zooey gave birth to her first child. For Emily, the hardest part of her second pregnancy wasn't her vegan diet, but her constant thirst.

"I work with a nutritionist to make sure I have the protein that I need...It's so weird. I just get thirsty. You have to drink more water and I can only drink so much water. I used to drink a ton of fluids and now I've hit my limit," Emily Deschanel said.

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