Emily Deschanel, Stephen Nathan Dish on 'Bones' Finale and Changes in Store For Booth and Brennan

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Emily Deschanel and Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan opened up about upcoming changes for Booth and Brennan.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emily Deschanel and Stephen Nathan said a new bundle of joy in the household brings with him or her a world of changes for the on-screen couple.

"Brennan kind of is in denial about how pregnant she is, and it brings up a lot of emotions this time around," said Emily Deschanel. "You know, their house got blown up last season … They are putting their lives in danger every day, and they already have one child, and [their jobs] put that child in danger. Now to have another child, they really are aware of what they’re doing. I think for Brennan, she’s aware that she’s bringing this person into this world that’s very dangerous. And she starts questioning that, and it’s an emotional thing for her—and for Booth, but especially for Brennan."

Stephen Nathan said one of the more difficult and dark storylines to come will surround Booth and some demons he must face.

"Booth is going to be confronted with demons from his past which he thought he had exorcised and now has been forced to confront yet again, and it’s something that is going to put an unbelievable strain and jeopardy on his marriage," said Nathan. "We’re really shaking it up pretty dramatically in the second half of this season."

Part of Booth's problems, who is played by David Boreanaz, will stem from his addiction to gambling.

"Everyone is going to be touched by what happens with Booth dealing with his gambling addiction and the new family member in his and Brennan’s life," said Nathan.

Emily Deschanel and Stepney Nathan promise that fans will not be disappointed in the rest of the season and says they can expect a dramatic season finale.

"The finale’s gonna be a big game-changer for all of the characters," said Nathan. "What we’re placed in the position of doing, since we didn’t get an official pickup for season 11—we fully expect that there will be a season 11. We could be deluded, but we hope there will be. But we couldn’t do the cliffhanger that we had planned. Because of this loyal and wonderful audience that we’ve had for 10 years, we couldn’t just end with a cliffhanger that wasn’t resolved. We had to resolve the series in some way, so we tried to resolve the series and keep it alive at the same time."

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