Emily Blunt Speaks Out Against Cannes' 'Very Disappointing' Policy

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It apparently doesn’t matter if you’re wearing diamond encrusted sandals. If a woman wants to attend a film screening in Cannes, then she better strap on her high heels.

This surprising development has had people up in arms and prompted actress Emily Blunt to speak out against the festival’s “very disappointing” rule.

The brouhaha on heels happened when the Screen Daily wrote that a “handful of women in their fifties were turned away from the screening of Todd Haynes’ competition entry Carol on Sunday night after being told the height of their smart footwear didn’t pass muster.”

To make matters worse, some of the women turned away for wearing flats were older guests with medical conditions.

That’s pretty ironic considering the movie, a 1950s lesbian romance, is geared towards audiences of the female persuasion.

When asked about her thoughts on the incident, the Sicario star said that it was very disappointing, especially when you consider that “there’s these new waves of equality and waves of people realizing that women are so fascinating and interesting to watch, and bankable [on screen]."

The Devil Wears Prada star also said that “Everyone should wear flats to be honest.”

"We shouldn't be wearing high heels anyways. That's my point of view. I just prefer wearing Converse sneakers,” Blunt shared.

The 32-year-old actress isn’t the only one who has spoken out against this rule. Several Cannes guests have also mentioned experiencing the same footwear discrimination.

Festival director Thierry Fremaux has denied the report and called it “unfounded.”

But Blunt’s Sicario teammates are taking a stand against the cheekily dubbed “flatgate” issue.

Director Denis Villeneuve announced that “in a sign of protest, Benicio, Josh, and I will walk the stairs [of the Palais] in high heels tomorrow.”

Now that is one event that the media should not miss.

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