Emilia Clarke Predicts The End of 'Game of Thrones' and Thinks Dany Will 'Win the Whole Damn Thing'

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Emilia Clarke, the mother of dragons on Game of Thrones, has made a prediction about the end game of the highly successful HBO series.

Currently filming the sixth season, the 29-year-old "sexiest woman alive" told Entertainment Tonight that she is very proud to have portrayed Daenerys Targaryen from a timid girl to a fearless ruler.

"I think I was lucky because in season one, there was such a lovely arc. You saw her as this naïve young girl, and then I was able to find her strength, so there was that development," Clarke said. "It wasn't as though I was just thrown in and expected to be this strong warrior. And then, with each season, it's just kind of grown and it's kind of wonderful."

Game of Thrones will likely end after eight seasons, according to HBO. Clarke is fine with the decision, but noted that there could be an extended seventh season.

"I'm all about leaving the party when it's still kicking," she said. "So I think that maybe [season] seven will get split into two, or maybe it will just be straight to eight."

All Emilia Clarke really seems to care about is who comes out on the throne in the end.

"What I would hope for Dany is that she wins the whole damn thing," she said with a laugh. "That she wins, and she wins all of it -- and she wins. That's what I think is going to happen!"

Clarke was honored on Wednesday at The Wrap's annual Power Women Breakfast in L.A. for her unwavering beliefs in gender equality.

"I think we should just see more equality across the board really, and see more inclusiveness between men and women," Clarke said to Sharon Waxman, The Wrap's CEO and Editor-in-Chief during a Q&A. "Hopefully we can educate a new generation of guys that are coming up that there is no difference."

Emilia Clarke donned a black knit Valentino dress adorned with unicorns for a very specific reason.

"It's to celebrate that there's a new unicorn emoji," she said on the red carpet. "So I thought that I would wear this today to celebrate that -- and women."

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