Emilia Clarke Birthday Project Wants Your Help To Give The 'Sexiest Woman Alive' A Present


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Emilia Clarke may or may not have a birthday coming up. According to Google, she was born on October 26, 1968. Wikipedia indicates (citing various sources) that her birthday is either this date or May 1, 1987. In other words, her actual birthday is unclear to the general public because there are conflicting reports.

According to Emilia Clarke fan site Emilia-Clarke.net, it's actually October 23. The site points to an initiative from a fan who uses the Twitter handle @emiliaclarke. It's called the Emilia Clarke Birthday Project, and aims to get other fans to participate.

Assuming reports of her birthday being this month are correct, the Game of Thrones actress will turn 29.

Emilia Clarke was of course named "sexiest woman alive" by Esquire Magazine this week.