Google Workspace AI
Google Brings Generative AI to Gmail and Google Docs

Google is letting some users test its generative AI in practical applications, adding support in Gmail and Google Docs.

GM Phasing Out CarPlay & Android Auto in Favor of a Custom Google Solution

General Motors plans to phase out Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto in favor of a custom solution Google will help it create.

Virgin Orbit
Virgin Orbit Is Ceasing Operation After Failing to Secure Funding

Virgin Orbit is laying off 90% of its workforce and ceasing operations after failing to secure needed funding.

Artificial Intelligence - Image Credit: Gerd Altmann
Italy Blocks ChatGPT

Italy’s privacy watchdog has blocked ChatGPT’s use within the country, citing privacy concerns over how OpenAI handles user data.

AI-Powered Bing - Credit Microsoft
Bing Chat — Now With Ads

Microsoft is continuing its evolution into a full-blown ad company, inserting ads into Bing Chat results.

Microsoft vs Google
Google Accuses Microsoft of Anti-Competitive Cloud Practices

Google Cloud is calling out Microsoft for what it calls “a very anti-competitive posture in cloud.”

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Is Close: What Does It Mean For The Ethereum Ecosystem?

What does the Shanghai upgrade mean for the Ethereum ecosystem? Read on to the article for more information.

Louisville economy
All About the Louisville Economy

Looking for the next great place to work and live? See what makes the Louisville economy special in the article below.

Artificial Intelligence - Image by Gerd Altmann
Wozniak, Musk, and Others Ask Industry to Pause AI Experiments

Some of the tech industries leading figures have signed an open letter asking companies to pause AI experiments.

Microsoft Building
AI Will Be Front-and-Center in Future Versions of Windows

Microsoft will reportedly focus on security and artificial intelligence in its upcoming Windows 12.

payment methods
The Safest Payment Methods for 2023

Learn more about the safest payment methods for 2023 in the article below.

Jack Ma in China - Credit SCMP
Jack Ma Resurfaces In China After Tech Crackdown

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma has resurfaced in China months after dropping off the radar amid the country’s crackdown on tech companies.

Replit Google Cloud Logo
Google Cloud and Replit Partner to Compete With GitHub

Google and AI startup Replit have partnered to better compete with GitHub, using AI to enhance software development.

Zoom IQ - Credit Zoom
Zoom Adds OpenAI Tech to Help Users Catch Up in Meetings

Zoom is the latest company to add OpenAI’s tech into its product as it continues to evolve its Zoom IQ smart companion.

Fearful Investors May Find Safety In Gold – Or A Shiny Illusion

 The ongoing battle with inflation, fears of recession, an up-and-down stock market, and concerns about…

Apple Park Headquarters
Apple May Be Poised for a Rare Flop

Apple may be setting itself up for a rare flop, with employees reportedly concerned about its mixed-reality headset.

Bill Gates: Over 50% Of Business Travel To Go Away Permanently
Bill Gates: ‘The Age of AI Has begun’

Bill Gates, famed Microsoft co-founder, has spoken up on AI, saying the technology “struck me as revolutionary.”

Midjourney 5 Revolutionizes AI-Generated Images

Midjourney has become arguably the most popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) for text-to-image generation.

FTC Logo
FTC Looking At Cloud Providers’ Business Practices

The Federal Trade Commission is taking a look at cloud providers’ business practices, asking the public for comments.

Analyst: Oracle Cloud Poised to Benefit From ‘4th Mover Advantage’

Oracle may have a ways to go before it threatens the cloud industry’s Big Three, but the company is poised to make big gains.