Google Search On iPad - Image by William Iven
Google Translate Shuts Down in China

Google Translate has shut down in China, leaving users without one of the best online translation services available.

insurance card scan
How Health Insurance Card Scan Trends Are Evolving

Learn more about how health insurance card scan trends are evolving in the article and visual deep dive below.

Kathy Hochul
New York to Require Zero Emission Passenger Vehicles by 2035

New York has joined California in requiring that all new passenger vehicles sold in the state be zero emissions by 2035.

What is USDT and How to Invest in it?

If you are looking for the latest financial trends, it is a good idea to learn how to invest in USDT. Learn more in the article below.

colleges merging
Why College Mergers are Increasing

With attendance rates down, many colleges have been forced to close. Others, however, have taken the step of colleges merging.

Bitcoin Blockchain - Image by Mohamed Hassan
How to Start Trading BTC

Buying Bitcoin doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. Learn some tips about trading BTC in the article below.

T-Mobile OnePlus 10T - Credit T-Mobile
T-Mobile Lands US Exclusive for OnePlus 10T

T-Mobile will be the exclusive US carrier for the all-new OnePlut 10T.

Walmart Land - Credit Walmart
Walmart Sets Up Shop in the Metaverse

Walmart is joining the metaverse, setting up a virtual store and play area on Roblox’s platform.

Kia Vehicles
Kia May Manufacture EVs in the US Thanks to Tax Credit

Kia may be planning to manufacture electric vehicles (EVs) in the US as early as 2024, thanks to US tax credits.

Honda Dealership - Image by StockSnap
Honda Cutting Production by 40% in Japanese Plants

Honda is the latest automaker to be hit with supply chain issues, cutting production at two Japanese plants by up to 40%.

London Parliament - Image by Adam Derewecki
Britain Ramping Up Anti-Competition Scrutiny; Targeting Cloud Market Next

Britain is planning to ramp up its anti-competition scrutiny, looking at the world’s top cloud providers.

pneumatic tubes
Pneumatic Tubes: Keeping Health Systems Running Smoothly

As we know, hospitals must run efficiently to keep up with demand – learn how pneumatic tubes are keeping health systems running smoothly.

Chevy Bolt Lineup
GM Scores Contract With Hertz for 175,000 Electric Vehicles

GM has scored a major contract with rental company Hertz, agreeing to provide the latter with 175,000 electric vehicles (EVs) over the next five years.

iRobot i3+ EVO
FTC Taking a Closer Look at Amazon’s iRobot Acquisition

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is taking a closer look at Amazon’s iRobot acquisition.

AT&T Logo
Most AT&T Customers Will Not Be Able to Access Faster 5G

Many of AT&T’s customers are in for a major disappointment, with the carrier’s mid-band 5G not supporting the majority of recent phones.

Top Challenges And Opportunities For Fleet Management In 2022

As we look toward the year ahead, it is important to identify the top challenges and opportunities for fleet management.

Apple Card
Startup Poaches Apple Card’s Head of Credit

Apple has lost Abhi Pabba, head of credit for the Apple Card, to credit card startup X1.

Walmart Be Your Own Model - Credit Walmart
Walmart’s ‘Be Your Own Model’ Expands Virtual Fitting

Walmart is expanding its virtual fitting service, letting users upload their own photo in addition to using existing models.

Artificial Intelligence - Image by Tung Nguyen
Nvidia, Arm, and Intel Collaborate on AI Standard

Three of the biggest names in the semiconductor industry are collaborating on a new standard for AI interchange format.

Metaverse - Image by ChiaJo
EU Gearing Up to Regulate the Metaverse

The metaverse may be a long way from widespread adoption, but the EU is already gearing up to regulate it.