Emanuel Steward Dies at 68, Boxing Legend

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Yesterday (Thursday, October 25th, 2012), we reported that the announced death of boxing legend Emanuel Steward was a false rumor (as confirmed by his family); however, it is now confirmed (by various sources) that Emanuel Steward has died.

Steward started his boxing career at a young age when he started to frequent the Brewster Recreation Center in Detroit, Michigan. As an amateur boxer, Steward earned 94 wins and only 3 losses out of the 97 fights during his career.

Later in Steward's life, he moved into the coaching scene, and started to coach at the well-known (by boxers) Kronk Gym. During Steward's coaching career, he trained many a large number of amateur American boxers, including the notable professional boxer Thomas Hearns. Along with coaching, Steward also became a regular boxing commentator for televised boxing games on the popular cable network HBO.

Earlier this year, Steward had to put his coaching career on hold, due to contracting a serious illness called diverticulitis, a condition that develops when pouches (diverticula) form in the wall of the colon and/or part of the large intestine (source: WebMD). On Thursday afternoon (October 25th, 2012), Emanuel Steward passed away due to this condition, and was 68 years old.

Many fans of Steward have left their condolences via Twitter:

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