Elvis Presley Record Brings $300K At Auction

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Elvis Presley recorded "My Happiness" in 1953 at Sun Records in Memphis. It was his first recording, rumored to be a gift for his mother.

However, Elvis Presley left the studio and went to the home of his friend Ed Leek to listen to the record since his family didn't have a record player, and there he left it for the next six decades.

The record is in great condition and is playable, despite the yellow and cracking label.

The niece of Ed Leeks, Lorisa Hilburn, inherited the first recording of Elvis Presley when her uncle died and has now made a $300K windfall for her family. The record went up for auction on Thursday, which would have been Elvis' 80th birthday, along with a lot of other Elvis memorabilia.

Before the auction, Hilburn said, "I'm hoping that somebody who loves Elvis Presley and is a huge Elvis Presley fan and who can appreciate the record ... ends up with it."

Well, apparently the buyer, who remains anonymous, really did love Elvis Presley. To the tune of $300,000.

"I'm very happy," said Hilburn, who was all smiles when the auction was over.

"There was adrenaline beforehand ... but when it was over, I was numb," she said. "It was surreal."

The former owner of the first ever Elvis Presley recording has already "splurged" on an iPad. As far as the rest of the $240,000, she plans to invest it with some going to pay for college for her two sons.

I'm sure Elvis Presley would be happy to know that he paid for the college education of his friend's great-nephews.

What do you think about that auction? Would you pay that much money for Elvis Presley's first recording if you had the money?

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