Ellen DeGeneres To Produce Design Competition Series With HGTV

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Ellen DeGeneres is making big moves. The famed comedian and talk show host has dominated the world of sitcom television and syndicated talk shows. Now, she's about to take on a competition series.

On Thurs. April 22, DeGeneres and HGTV announcing the production of a new series. According to the official press release, the 56-year-old actress will be executive producing a design competition series for HGTV.

The a six-episode series will follow six competitors who will tackle the challenges of building exquisite furniture. The competitors will be judged on the quality and creativity of their sketches and designs. While the concept of the show is quite intriguing, the 24-hour time frame competitors are given to complete the task will probably make the show even more interesting. Competitors will strive to impress a full panel of judges for their furniture designs. The last contestant with the longest staying power will win a cash prize.

The show is expected to be a reflection of DeGeneres' fervent passion and expertise on making furniture. The press release also includes a brief statement from DeGeneres, who spoke about her love for furniture and how it all came about.

“I’m so excited about this show because I love finding really special pieces of furniture,” said DeGeneres. “One time I found a beautiful one-of-a-kind armoire that spoke to me in a way I’d never experienced.  It turned out there was a drifter living inside of it, but that’s a story for another time.”

Kathleen Finch, president of HGTV and DIY Network also shared her sentiment about the upcoming series and working with DeGeneres.

“There has been a lot of dancing in our halls since we shared that we  will be collaborating with Ellen,” said Finch. “When she talked to us about her love of buying and renovating homes, her personal passion for the creative process of  furniture design emerged as something that she wanted to explore more. Since HGTV is the ultimate forum in this space, and since no other network can deliver an audience who is as enthusiastic as she is about  the creative process, we just had to make it happen.”

The show is tentatively scheduled to premiere sometime in 2015.

Image via Ellen DeGeneres, Facebook

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