Ellen DeGeneres Tackles Divorce Rumors

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been together for nine years, which is an eternity in celebrity couple years. It's no wonder people are starting to wonder about the state of their relationship, and rumors are sneaking around the web lately that the duo is done for. But Ellen says that's just not true, and wants to set the record straight.

"The other day I was at the hair salon getting these extensions put in," DeGeneres joked during a monologue on her show. "And there were tabloids all over the hair salon... and on one of them, Portia and I were in the top right-hand corner. And I thought, 'Oh that's so sweet, they're honoring us.' But then I read the headline underneath. And it said, 'Ellen and Portia Marriage Crumbles.' And I was like, 'Oh, what happened? They seemed so happy.' And then I was like, 'Wait, I'm Ellen.' And I should know if that was happening. It’s so ridiculous to me. There’s not one ounce of truth to any of it. I’m very happily married. In fact, the only thing we ever argue about is who loves who more. That is all. It really is true. And we argue if we’d let a kangaroo carry us around in its pouch for a year. I would. She wouldn’t. She’ll change her mind. Who wouldn’t want to be in the pouch of a kangaroo for a year? Hopping around. And she’s like “no” but anyway.”

The couple married in 2008, but had been together for a few years before that and moved in together almost right away. However, de Rossi says that when she was younger, she had a real problem with being identified as a lesbian. It was only when she met Ellen and they were on the red carpet together that she knew she had to face up to it.

“I just didn’t want to be a lesbian,” she told Amanda de Cadenet earlier this year. “I’d never met one for a start, and I just thought they were strange and that they hated men and they were very serious, and I had these ridiculous images in my head and there were no out celebrities or politicians or anybody that I could look to and go, ‘Oh, I could be like that’…. I didn’t like people thinking of me as a sexual being, and I was just terrified that people would know that I was gay.”

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