Ellen DeGeneres, Portia Tell-All Book: Pure Baloney?

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Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi have been the subject of an unrelenting onslaught of rumors lately. The primary rumor is that the couple are divorcing. Other rumors that feed into this include that Ellen cheated on Portia while Portia was in rehab; that Ellen has prevented Portia from taking acting roles; that Ellen has asked for an open marriage to allow her to have other flings without impediment; and many more.

As one looks closer at this string of tales, it starts to become apparent that there is mainly one source behind it all. It is a book called The Life and Career of Ellen DeGeneres by one Randy Jernigan. Quotes from Jernigan read like a celeb gossip rag.

“Ellen will sabotage her relationship with Portia by intentionally trying to make her jealous.”

“Portia is very insecure and always accuses Ellen of hitting on women and cheating, leading to days of fighting.”

“Sometimes Ellen won't come home for days at a time during their fights."

Jernigan has played this card before, with a book he called The Life and Career of Daniel Radcliffe. This one claimed to be a compilation of juicy tidbits that he got from 19 of Radcliffe’s close friends and colleagues. But not a single name was revealed that could be checked to verify Jernigan’s claims.

His claims about Radcliffe include that he is an alcoholic, backed up by unsourced stories that Radcliffe would sneak drinks as a child.

As for Ellen, she and Portia seem to be carrying on with little regard to Jernigan and his ilk. The just bought a condo together and show no signs of breaking up. While it might be nice to have an official statement from her about these rumors, perhaps she feels that it would only sell more books for someone who makes his money dealing in other people’s dirty laundry, most of which may very well be made up out of thin air by himself or a few nameless “friends” of celebs who feed him anonymous trash.

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