Elizabeth Safrit, Miss USA, Takes Third At Miss World

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Elizabeth Safrit says that where she comes from--Kannapolis, North Carolina, to be exact--the words "small town" fit just perfectly, but most small towns can't boast a resident who made it to one of the country's biggest beauty pageants and won. And now, Kannapolis can claim a resident who made it to Miss World and took third place out of 122 women.

Safrit took her place on stage with Rolene Strauss of South Africa and Edina Kulczar of Hungary on Sunday in London; she took the title of Miss USA back in July. As a recent graduate with a Bachelor's in Political Science, she says she ultimately wants to make it in the world of political broadcast news. For a young woman whose family has lived in the same small town for decades, being passionate about her goals is very important.

“My hometown is the epitome of 'Small Town USA'. It is a town where everyone knows one another. My family has lived in Kannapolis for generations. I’ve seen it evolve from a small mill town to a biotechnology hub. I am very proud to be from Kannapolis," Safrit said. "Nothing frustrates me more than someone simply not caring. Everyone should find something to be passionate about. It is so important for leaders like Miss World to encourage the young generation to recognize their beliefs and to know that it is possible to make a difference."

Safrit scored very highly during her address in the competition, telling the audience what she feels Miss World is about.

"Miss World is not a celebrity; she is an ambassador. She tells women all around the world that it's OK to have an opinion. She makes changes happen. She identifies problems and she finds solutions," she said.

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