Elizabeth Hurley Mourns Loss Of Her Beloved Dog, Dash

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Elizabeth Hurley is mourning the loss of her beloved dog, Dash.

Hurley announced the loss of her fur baby on Twitter, calling Dash an "enchanting dog."

“My heart aches for my beautiful Dash. Called to doggie heaven much too early. Yesterday was a very sad day,” said Elizabeth in her post, along with a photo of herself and her beloved pup.

Elizabeth Hurley, 50, is clearly an animal lover. Dash was one of the five dogs that make up Hurley's canine family.

Following her announcement, Hurley's Twitter account was flooded with heartfelt messages of sympathy and support, to which The Royals actress acknowledged the incredible love and support.

“Thank you so much for all your lovely messages re Dash,” Hurley tweeted in reply to the messages. “He was an enchanting dog. He’s buried under an oak tree.”

Elizabeth's truly are like family to her and she regularly shares posts about her dogs, including the fact that she allows them to sleep with her at her Gloucestershire home.

“The first thing I do when I wake up is kiss my dogs. All of whom sleep on top of me,” Hurley said.

Elizabeth does everything with her dogs and they help her keep in shape.

“Living in the country means I try to walk or run with the dogs every day. I have three Labradors and a Spaniel, all of whom are a lot fitter than me.”

Elizabeth Hurley returned to work on Friday, following the loss of Dash, resuming her role as Queen Helena on The Royals.

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