Elizabeth Berkley Performs A Blast From The Past


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If you are a Dancing With The Stars fan who grew up watching Saved By The Bell, you were probably in 7th heaven during Elizabeth Berkley's performance last night. Berkley brought fans back to the 90's when she danced to "I'm So Excited" and performed a famous scene from her Bayside High days.

One of the Berkley's favorite episodes of Saved By The Bell is the one where her character Jessie becomes addicted to caffeine pills that she takes to help her stay awake so she can study for her tests. When Jessie is unable to control her addiction, she has a break and starts singing "I'm So Excited" in the hallways. Berkley danced and performed this same skit on Dancing With The Stars. Berkley didn't just play the part, she also looked the part.

"Between the bow and the leg warmers, I don't even know what to say, it's overwhelming. And the hair, it's pretty wide you know, it's like oh my God I forgot what it felt like to be this poofy," she said.

Her look and dance seemed to impress former cast member, Mario Lopez who tweeted about Berkley's performance.

Dancing With The Stars judges seemed to like the performance as much as the fans and gave Berkley and her dancing partner Val Chmerkovskiy a total score of 26. Fans also helped pass them on to the next competition. Berkley seems to be a fan favorite and if she continues to wow the judges and fans, she might become the new Dancing With The Stars winner.

Image from Twitter.