Elizabeth Berkley Made Our Dreams Come True On DWTS

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For those of a certain age, "Saved By The Bell" is one of those classic shows that holds a special place in our hearts; it was the '90s, and we watched it while wearing three different pairs of socks and eating cereal on the couch. We wanted to date Zack and look like Kelly Kapowski, and we all wished our school had The Max instead of a boring old cafeteria that didn't even have a jukebox. The show mostly dealt with Zack Morris and his schemes to get out of class (naturally learning a life lesson while doing so), but sometimes the gang touched on serious issues as well, and now that we're all older and wiser, some of those episodes are better suited for a good laugh than a cautionary tale.

One of those now-iconic episodes included a diet-pill freakout by Jessie Spano, played by Elizabeth Berkley, who just happens to be on "Dancing With The Stars" this season. It's a good thing she's got a sense of humor about her early days of acting, because she was totally down with recreating the scene with her partner, Val, and basically ensuring that we can all die happy.

Berkley did a most excellent job of "jiving" and received some praise from the judges.

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