Elizabeth Banks Says Possibility Of 'Pitch Perfect 3' Depends On The Fans

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Many have been wondering if a Pitch Perfect 3 movie is already in the works, and that’s even before Pitch Perfect 2 hit theaters. For director Elizabeth Banks, that possibility depends on the fans.

Banks admitted in an interview that “it would be disingenuous to say that no one's talking about a 'Pitch Perfect 3,' the possibility of it."

"We are really focused on getting as many butts in seats for this one,” she added. “If fans embrace it, we are going to seriously think about what the continuing journey would look like, but we don't know what that is yet."

If the opening numbers are anything to go by, Pitch Perfect fans are clearly saying that they want another round.

The sequel to the sleeper hit scored big over the weekend, raking in $70.3 million, putting it way ahead of Mad Max: Fury Road. The Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron flick took in a neat $44.4 million.

And once you add in the figures from Pitch’s non-US foray plus the soundtrack sales then the movie easily crosses the $100 million mark.

Not bad for a musical comedy about a cappella groups.

Aside from directing, Banks also reprised her role for the sequel, with original cast mates Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson still along for the ride.

Now with the apparent success of Pitch Perfect 2, the buzz about another offering is louder, especially since Wilson, who plays the scene stealing Fat Amy, was quoted as saying she already signed up for a third installment.

If the next Pitch Perfect project does fall through and Banks returns to direct it, it will go a long way in firmly ensconcing her as a director of note and will greatly aid other female directors as well.

For despite the pressure that Banks felt while filming the movie, she has shown that she can deliver the goods.

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