Elisabeth Hasselbeck Doing Just Fine After Surgery

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck will return to Fox & Friends in a few weeks.

She underwent a surgery that, while apparently pretty minor, remains secret.

A Fox News spokesperson told The Wrap of Hasselbeck's surgery, "Elisabeth has asked for all to respect her wishes for privacy in regards to further details at this time."

Co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade appeared on Wednesday's show without Elisabeth Hasselbeck to announce that she was undergoing surgery and that she would return soon, as good as new.


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"In case you were wondering where Elisabeth is today and this week, well, she had some surgery yesterday and she's going to be out for a couple of weeks," Elisabeth Hasselbeck's co-host Steve Doocy said on the show today.

"But she's doing just fine, she's on the mend."

Brian Kilmeade added of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, "But as you know if you watch the show, she is strong, she is tough and a better athlete than me. We heard from her last night and she said she is feeling good. So, in a short time, she'll be back on the set."

There doesn't seem to be any reason to worry or any trace of alarm on the part of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's co-stars.

It also seems to have given Kimberly Guilfoyle, normally of Fox's The Five, a fun change of pace in standing in for the 37-year-old former pot-stirrer on The View.


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Most likely the details of her situation will be released after a little while, but as far as any hint at what ails her, Elisabeth Hasselbeck isn't dishing them out.

She has been silent on social media since October 10th, and even then didn't lend the slightest notion that anything was wrong.

Hopefully Elisabeth Hasselbeck will make a swift and full recovery and be back on Fox & Friends soon!

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