Elin Nordegren Name-Drops In Miami

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Elin Nordegren, the former wife of sex-addict and pro-golfer Tiger Woods, is said to have been name-dropping in Miami over the weekend when no one noticed her at the clubs she was partying in.

Woods was hanging out with friends for dinner and was almost turned away from Hyde when no one recognized her. She eventually got in on her name, but didn't stay long as the club was closing up.

"Someone in the entourage said, 'This is Elin, Tiger Woods' wife,' so only after they dropped the name, they let her in," a source said.

Nordegren is also making headlines because of the massive mansion she's having built on Tiger's dime. After a $100 million divorce settlement, the native Swede bought some prime North Palm Beach property and had it torn down to make way for her own vision, which includes a pool, spa, and koi ponds. She's also made it very clear that it's her property by placing a Swedish flag right on top of the structure.

Image: SplashNewsOnline

Amanda Crum
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