El Chapo Suffered Broken Leg In Chase

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El Chapo narrowly evaded capture again earlier this month, but was said to have suffered unspecified injuries in his escape.

Now those injuries to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman have been identified as a broken leg and damage to his face.

Mexican Marines and other special forces spotted El Chapo in the village of Cosala in his home state of Sinaloa.

They first saw him walking with a young girl and were afraid to harm the child in a raid.

So, the company waited until El Chapo was alone. They then pursued him on foot, chasing him off of a small cliff.

That is when El Chapo suffered his injuries.

However, his bodyguards were there to carry him into the nearby dense forest and out of sight.

After El Chapo's July prison break, Mexico's government was suspected of suffering widespread corruption.

However, officials have said they've arrested dozens of people. All but one of those arrested have been government employees.

They have also collected nearly 200 pieces of evidence against government officials.

They can now add to the list of arrests El Chapo's brother-in-law and the pilot who flew him out of town after his escape. The brother-in-law is the man they say planned El Chapo's July prison break and was responsible for the mile-long tunnel leading from a hole in his cell's shower to a home near the prison.

El Chapo is an expert fugitive by now. This is his second time that he has made a successful jailbreak.

The first was back in 2001. He remained free until his 2014 arrest.

What do you think? Will El Chapo ever be caught again or is he gone for good?

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