El Chapo Out Of My League, Says Dog The Bounty Hunter

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Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán is on the run. After being tunneled out of a Mexico prison, then throwing a challenge to Donald Trump via Twitter, the drug kingpin is busy not getting arrested again.

Maybe America's premiere bad-guy catcher, Dog the Bounty Hunter, can catch El Chapo?

"He probably would be out of my league," Dog said of El Chapo.

"In order to take him down," Dog said, "you better have a fully automatic weapon. With my weapon, you have to get really close to him – and you couldn't get that close to him because he probably has five or six guys with him at all times."

“[Also], there would have to be two or three of you to take him down because he is going to shoot it out next time. Last time, I heard they surrounded him and gave him a chance to come out.”

But an even bigger obstacle for Dog the Bounty Hunter catching El Chapo is that he could be arrested for trying it. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. Dog himself was once arrested for capturing an American rapist. He got out of Mexico without having to do jail time himself, but he is no hurry to go try his luck again, even if he had a chance of nabbing El Chapo.

"I have learned to stay in my own country," Dog said. "You can't even talk about arresting a guy in Mexico."

El Chapo is a drug kingpin, not a basic drug user. So Dog the Bounty Hunter has no problem seeing him brought to justice. But when it comes to basic users, he has a different philosophy than you might expect.

“Prison is for the violent [criminals] — not for the non-violent or someone who is maybe not educated enough and won’t commit the crime again,” he says. “If it is non-violent, it means that people made mistakes. We are spending so much money on them and we have no room for the killers!”

“I have arrested so many drug addicts that have come to me said, ‘Dog, I don’t want to do it. It is something inside me,’” he says. “Now what if his parents were addicts and it is in his DNA? Well it is. I have arrested third generation drug addicts.”

Dog makes a persuasive argument for not jailing on-violent drug offenders, and it even makes sense financially.

“The guy that gave dope to a little girl, keep him there. But [the non-violent drug users], you gotta get them out. We don’t need to be spending $360 a day. It costs more to keep a man in jail than it does to put that same man through a cheap college.”

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