Eileen Davidson Explains Why She's Not Surprised By Lisa Rinna’s Bombshell Confession

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The drama continues in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna may have shocked everyone with her confession about how Lisa Vanderpump prompted her to comment on Yolanda Foster’s disease, but Eileen Davidson does not seem to be surprised at all.

Eileen Davidson confessed on her blog that she already knew most of what Rinna told her even before her castmate talked to her about Vanderpump’s involvement in the Munchausen comment. She described her beach-side conversation with Rinna as a “game changer.”

“Lisa R. dropped a bombshell about the origins of the Munchausen comment. But, since Lisa R. confessed that Lisa V. had prompted her to mention it, I have to confess something, too: I already knew that,” Davidson wrote.

According to her, Rinna had told her of previous instances where she had felt pressured from Vanderpump to say or do something about Foster’s disease. However, she was surprised that “the words ‘faking it’ were being thrown about.”

Rinna previously confessed that she is done with Vanderpump after witnessing how the British star tried to pit people against each other. She said Vanderpump encouraged her to share the inconsistencies about Foster’s Lyme disease.

Davidson also talked about Rinna’s “strong feelings about Yolanda.” Davidson thought Rinna and Foster had already sorted out their issues until Rinna confessed that she thinks Foster has emotional troubles that are not being dealt with. She was even more surprised when Rinna accused Foster of being more manipulative than her friend Vanderpump.

The star admits that she is now perplexed about the whole Foster issue.

Eileen Davidson ended her blog insinuating Kathryn Edwards and Erika Jayne’s recent feud. “At the Habitat for Humanity site, all I can say is Lisa R. better have some extra duct tape left over for me. My persistent need for resolution is starting to really bug the crap out of me.”

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