Egyptian Government Institutes Pornography Ban

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To quote Associate Supreme Court Justice, Potter Stewart, "[I can't define pornography], but i know it when I see it."

The question is, will the Egyptian government know it when it sees it? An Egyptian court has ruled to ban internet pornography in the country. The ruling was confirmed by the Egyptian Ministry of Telecommunications and reported by Egypt Today.

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The news brings rising concerns about how the Egyptian government will enforce the new law, and who will decide where the line is drawn when it comes to porn.

The issue has been brought up in America thanks to Republican Presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum, who has blamed pornography on everything from divorce to homosexuality. His announcement that he wishes to ban pornography in the United States has caused an uproar over civil liberties and even prompted a campaign on Twitter, #SaveThePorn.

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In Egypt or America, where does one draw the line. Will suggestive images or video be next? What kind of punishment can you legitimately impose on people who continue to watch porn? Prison? Will the person be branded as a sex offender? What's Next? What other civil liberties will a government be bold enough to restrict? A porn ban is certainly a slippery slope.

A ruling was made in Egyptian Court back in 2009, but never enforced. But this is the first time the ruling has been upheld by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Egyptian Parliament. This one has a better chance of sticking.

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