EGOS Illustrated Radness Pairs Up For Superhero Fun

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The fight between good and evil is a battle that has been raging since the beginning of time. God fighting Lucifer and casting him down to hell, The Olympians fighting the Titans, the Rebellion fighting the Empire. These are age old battles that define us as human beings.

Artist Adam Limbert from the United States decided to put some of the greatest adversaries (and one set of friends) on the same pice of art work together to show how close they really are. Even though they are mortal enemies. He calls it his EGOS project. This is what he had to say about his project:

"My current EGOS project is just my illustrated way of giving back the cultural radness that I grew up with and that helped shape the person and artist I am today. It's my "thank you" to all the artists and illustrators that gave me all the nerdy art stuff I love."

Check out Adam's Deviant Art page to see some other cool stuff including art pieces featuring Optimus Prime and Lion-O.

Superman vs. Lex Luthor


"The ultimate brain vs brawn battle. But if Superman is super strong, super fast, has super flight and is super invincible, why isn't he super smart. Is his brain the only thing unaffected by earth's yellow sun?"

Batman vs. Joker


"The Batman and his forever rival, the Clown Prince of Crime."

Professor X vs Magneto


"Sometimes friends make the greatest enemies."

He-Man vs. Skeletor


"Who didn't love this cartoon? No one. That's who."

Rocksteady vs. Beebop


"Get them toitles!"

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