Edward Norton Fight With Pap Could Go To Court

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Edward Norton should know that the first rule of Fight Club is, you don't smack a photographer. They don't like that.

The 43-year old actor reportedly smacked the hand of a paparazzi on Tuesday as the man was trying to catch Norton on video via cell phone, and now the photog is complaining that Norton hurt him.

"He went to the hospital claiming hand pain…It was classified as harassment," said a police spokesperson.

There were no witnesses to the incident and the matter has been referred to civil court, but it's not yet known whether the man will file suit against the actor. Of course, this falls under the category of "exactly what is acceptable for paparazzi to do in order to get a shot of a celebrity?", but since Norton was out in a public place at the time it may be hard to argue that the photographer was in the wrong.

Kate Middleton and Prince William saw two people involved in their topless-sunbathing scandal charged today after facing similar issues with photographers; the couple have been on a crusade of sorts to spotlight the intrusiveness of the paparazzi, as Middleton was snapped at a private residence while on vacation.

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