Eddie Murphy: No Remake of "Coming to America"

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This is the 25th year anniversary for the 80's classic, "Coming to America", and sometimes, on special anniversaries, there's talk of a sequel or remake. But not this time, sorry fans.

According to People, the problem is not lack of motivation, it could be fear of the lawsuit. When Eddie Murphy went on Arsenio Hall's show on Tuesday night, the pair, neither of which has aged at all since the making of the iconic movie, discussed the aftermath of the film.

"When Coming to America came out it was a bunch of lawsuits.", Murphy said, adding,"There was some dude who was claiming he was the prince. I'd be out in the club and this African dude would roll up and say, 'I am the real prince! You stole my life from me! And I want my money! I'll kill you!' "

Yep, that would be enough to put the kabash on a sequel idea. But what about this feud that, well, no one knew or cared about? According to E!, there were rumors of a massive feud between Murphy, who played African Prince Akeem, and Hall, who was his sometimes-trusty sidekick, Semmi (Remember the hot tub scene?)

Stories began surfacing in March, apparently, that the two had suffered a grand falling-out. But the rumors were not true, if the two themselves are to be believed.

Right at the beginning of the interview, Hall addressed the rumors, "We stopped our bitter feud, just for tonight.", he said. Murphy seemed confused about what he was talking about, or was probably just playing along.

Hall informed him that the the tabliods had printed the stories, and said, "Yes, the tabloids said we're having a bitter feud."

"Oh, I don't read the tabloids. I really don't, I don't read any of that s--t," Murphy simply said. I guess that's how one would keep their confidence up as an actor!

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