Ebola Nurse Action Figure Now Available


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A toy manufacturer called Herobuilders has designed the “Case-E Ebola Nurse Action Figure."

While Herobuilders insists that Case-E has nothing to do with the once quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox, the doll is obviously a simulacrum of the Ebola-free Doctors Without Borders member.

Hickox, who was quarantined in New Jersey and then ordered to self-monitor in Maine for the Ebola virus, recently said her life is “back to normal,” after completing a 21-day period with no symptoms.

The ad for the doll reads, "complete with health certificate 100% Ebola free doll."

Hickox returned from Sierra Leone on October 24, and was involuntarily quarantined at New Jersey’s University Hospital by Gov. Chris Christie. At the time, a slightly feverish Hickox protested that she felt vilified, and was allowed to travel to her Fort Kent, Maine home on October 27. She was ordered to remain inside her house and monitor herself for symptoms, under threat of legal action.

Here is Case-E:

Here is Kaci:

When asked about Case-E, Herobuilders CEO Emil Vicale commented, “I don’t know who you’re talking about, I don’t know who Kaci Hickox is. This nurse’s name is Case-E. She bears no resemblance.”

The Case-E Ebola Nurse Action Figure went on sale Monday for $29.95, and Herobuilders said 500 of the dolls will be ready by the holidays.

Hickox made headlines recently after taking a bike ride around her neighborhood, after Maine Gov. Paul LePage ordered her to stay inside her home for a 21-day period. A judge sided with Hickox, and said she could come and goes as she pleased, as long as she continued to monitor herself for symptoms.

After the three week period ended, Hickox commented, “I felt like every day should have been normal. I hope that one day we as an American culture can get over this fear and can learn to show compassion instead, and we can continue to listen to the medical experts about Ebola.”