EA's E3 Press Conference Finally Gets The Abridged Treatment


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E3 2013 seems like a distant memory now. It's hard to even remember what happened. Thanks to the fine folks at VideoGamer, we can at least remember what happened at EA's press conference.

The latest, and final, E3 abridged video captures just how boring EA's E3 presence was. Beyond Mirror's Edge 2 and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, everything else was business as usual. Spending over 20 minutes on EA Sports didn't help matters either. Still, the folks at VideoGamer did what they could with the material, and the end result is pretty good.

It's been a while since E3 2013, but you may be one of those people who like to be fashionably late to the gaming news cycle. In that case, check out these previous abridged videos for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Ubisoft.