MediaTek Opens the Door to a Move Away From Taiwan

MediaTek, one of the world’s leading smartphone chipmakers, is open to the possibility of moving away from Taiwan, at least ‘incrementally.’

John Legere Offers Elon Musk Help, Musk Rebuffs It

John Legere, the famous former T-Mobile CEO, offered to run Twitter for Elon Musk, an offer Musk brusquely turned down.

Prosecutors Seek 15-Year Sentence and $800M in Elizabeth Holmes Case

Prosecutors are seeking a 15-year sentence and $800 million in restitution in their case against Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

Microsoft Teams Available on Linux as a Progressive Web App

Microsoft has made a major change to its Linux Teams client, making it available as a progressive web app (PWA).

Rust, Kotlin, Java, and Python See Huge Growth

SlashData has released its 23rd State of the Developer Nation report, and it’s good news for Rust, Kotlin, Java, and Python.

YouTube TV Is (Finally) Getting a Clock

While it may be a small feature, YouTube TV (YTTV) is finally getting a feature that most of its competitors have had for years — a clock.

Twitter Reportedly Letting Contract Workers Go

Twitter’s personnel cuts continue, with the company reportedly letting contractor workers go over the weekend.

Microsoft Commits to More Self-Repair Options

Microsoft is continuing its commitment to providing customers self-repair options, with the Surface Pro 9 marking a major change.

Remote Challenges and Technology Solutions

Remote work is here to stay and will require new technology solutions to get the job done. See more below.

Jeff Bezos Awards Dolly Parton $100 Million to Give to Charity

Jeff Bezos gave the latest Courage and Civility award to Dolly Parton, a $100 million award she can use on charities of her choice.

Apple Faces Class Action Suit Over Data Collection Despite Settings

Apple is in the hot seat following reports it ignores its own privacy settings and collects a massive amount of user data.

7 Top Ways To Create A Great Customer Experience Strategy

Customer experience matters. Take a look at 7 top ways to create a great customer experience strategy in the article below.

Advantages of Corporate and College Influence Networks

Whether you’re talking about a major corporation or your alma mater, the power of influence networks is key.

eCommerce Email Marketing: Why Do You Need It?

When you are dealing in eCommerce, it is in fact important to have a good understanding of eCommerce email marketing.

The NSA Pushes for Adoption of Memory Safe Coding Languages

The National Security Agency (NSA) is pushing for the adoption of memory safe coding languages in an effort to improve security.

Elon Musk Says a Twitter Bankruptcy Is on the Table

Elon Musk has dropped a bombshell on employees, saying a Twitter bankruptcy was not out of the question.

Meta’s Image Tarnished With Employees Angry Over Layoffs

Meta’s image as a coveted place to work has taken a major hit, with employees disillusioned and angry over this week’s layoffs.

Apple to Invest $450 Million in Satellite Infrastructure for iPhone 14

Apple is investing $450 million to help build out satellite infrastructure to support the iPhone 14’s new feature.

T-Mobile Expands 5G Home Internet to 6 Million Midwest Households

T-Mobile announced a major expansion of its 5G Home Internet, covering an additional 6 million households in the Midwest.

Amazon Unveils Next-Gen Drone for Deliveries

Amazon has announced a new drone for deliveries, the MK30, offering a slew of improvements over its predecessor.