E3 2013: Xbox One Will Launch For $499


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In contrast to its big Xbox One unveiling, which focused on TV and sports, Microsoft's E3 conference was packed full of games. In-between the constant trailers, however, was an important bit of information - the pricing info for the Xbox One.

In-between previews for an unnamed next-generation Halo game and Respawn's Titanfall, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will launch in November at the price of $499/€499/£429.

The $500 price point is a bit more than gamers may have been expecting, considering the Xbox One's computing power falls short of the PlayStation 4's. Just last week, games industry analyst Michael Pachter estimated that the Xbox One would launch at a $400 price point. The estimate was based on material costs for the console's components, but it seems to have been a bit low. Pachter also estimated that the PlayStation 4 will debut at a $350 price, which might now suggest a $450 price for Sony's new console. Sony is expected to announce the price of the PlayStation 4, along with the console's box, tonight at their E3 announcement.