E3 2013: Infamous Second Son Gameplay Revealed [VIDEO]


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Though the game had already been announced in February, the new trailer for Infamous: Second Son was one of the highlights of Sony's big E3 press conference. The video teased exactly what was missing from other next-generation games that had already been shown at E3: gameplay experiences that aren't possible with cut-down graphics on current-generation consoles. Though the title won't be available at launch, the exclusive will almost certainly help sell PlayStation 4 consoles in early 2014.

Now, Sony has released a gameplay video for Infamous: Second Son, showing off the cool powers that gamers will use. The demo shows main character Delsin Rowe using his blasts to take down enemies, cameras, bridges, and security towers (anything with a bit of yellow on it, it seems). He also uses his powers to, more or less, fly through the air.

The 'super move' seen in the video also looks well-animated and satisfyingly destructive. Assuming this is a move that can be pulled at any time, it demonstrates one way in which game design will be changing in the next console generation.