E3 2012: Devil May Cry Gets New Trailer


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One of the most divisive titles of the last few years has been the Devil May Cry reboot coming out of Ninja Theory. I know I'm in the minority when I say that I love the new look and the new gameplay. It looks fantastic, but I know that not everybody feels the same. Unfortunately, the new trailer isn't going to change any minds.

The main focus of this trailer is to expand the story that was hinted at in the last trailer. Regardless of how you feel about Ninja Theory's pedigree when it comes to gameplay, they have told some of the best stories in the industry with Enslaved and Heavenly Sword. It seems that they're bringing back that same focus on story to the new Devil May Cry but retaining the same cocky, punk rock attitude that Dante had.

The gameplay itself looks like more of the same. It's fast and fluid while containing some new tricks that we've not seen before. Players are going to continually compare it to the excellence that is Devil May Cry 3, but it's already looking just as good at this point in time. Granted, a trailer can speed up the action and make it look like it's performing faster. We'll have to wait and see some gameplay before we can make any judgments.

It's unfortunate that Capcom seems to not be taking any fan feedback into account with the new Devil May Cry game. Each new trailer gives the haters no reason to actually like the new approach that they're taking. Gamers, especially fans of Japanese action games, are resistant to change and the reaction to Devil May Cry has been very telling of this resistance.

At this point, it seems that all Capcom can do is hope that fans give the game a chance. Check out the trailer to see if you think Capcom has improved the image of their new Dante.