Dyxon Vacuums Issues Recall For Fan Heaters


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Dyson, the company best-known for its line of complicated-but-effective vacuum cleaners, this week issued a recall for two different models of its blade-less fan heaters.

According to Dyson the company is working with regulatory agencies on a plan to "address an issue" with the products. The issue at hand is that a "small number" of its AM04 and AM05 fan heaters have encountered a short-circuit problem that has led to a small fire within the device. Dyson has sold around one million of its fan heaters around the world.

Dyson's plan to deal with the issue will involve a recall of the affected fan heaters, but the company has not yet finalized the specifics. What is has said is that the recall process should be finalized this week and that it will involve testing the recalled machines to ensure they are "functioning safely and effectively."

In the meantime, Dyson is providing a website for consumers to check whether their fan heater is affected. The site is set up to cross-check heater serial numbers against those known to have the short-circuit issue. Customers can also use the website to pre-register their heater for the upcoming recall.

According to a Reuters report on the Dyson recall, Dyson CEO Max Conze has stated that the short-circuit malfunction has resulted in small fires only four times.

Dyson is a UK company that was founded in 1991. The company's bag-less vacuum cleaners quickly became well-known for their cyclonic separation technology, which removes dust from the air during the vacuuming process. After finding vacuum industry success the company moved on blade-less fans and heaters, which have found their own niche market. The company is also the manufacturer of the blade-style hand dryers seen in public restrooms.

Most recently Dyson announced that it will be founding a new research laboratory to design what it claims will be the future of vacuum technology. The facility, in cooperation with Imperial College London, will create a robotic cleaner that could challenge the mop industry as well as current robotic sweepers.

Image via Dyson