'Dying Light' Visuals Teased in New Tech Demo


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Capcom has capitalized on the next-generation console launch with Dead Rising 3, a launch title for the Xbox One. On Friday gamers who buy an Xbox One will be able to get their zombie fix on day one.

Reviews for Dead Rising 3, however, have not been perfect. It's evidently clear that the game was originally being developed for current-gen consoles. For a truly next-gen zombie apocalypse experience, gamers might have to wait until developer Techland releases Dying Light next year. Techland is the developer behind the Dead Island series of zombie games.

Dying Light combines traditional zombie mayhem with the first-person free running of Mirror's edge. Earlier previews of the game show that players are expected to mostly run from, rather than fight, the zombie horde.

Another big mechanic in Dying Light is that the game's zombie transform at night, turning into even more powerful and dangerous creatures. Stealth and quickness will take on an even bigger role during the game's night cycle.

With day and night being such an important part of the game, getting the lighting right will be one of the most important aspects when developing the game. Luckily for the developers, next-gen consoles have much better hardware with which to render impressive lighting. Today Techland released a short teaser video showing off the lighting in Dying Light. Judging by the video, it appears that Techland has so far focused on optimizing lighting over textures: