Dwayne Johnson Stars In Action-Packed "Hercules" Trailer [Video]

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As if remaking everything else was not enough, there will soon be yet another version of Hercules. Dwayne Johnson, formerly known as "The Rock," has been chosen to play the title role, and will portray the tough demigod.

Dwayne Johnson has been placed in action-packed roles ever since leaving his wrestling career, and this film looks to be no different. This version of Hercules is supposed to be much different, and darker, than the Disney version, as well as the television show that came before it.

Fans of the Hercules legend may or may not remember that a film about Hercules was already released once this year called The Legend of Hercules. The film opened in January to awful ratings, and featured Twilight star Kellan Lutz in the role of Hercules.

The new Hercules that features Dwayne Johnson will have a different source material from every production that has come before it, and will be based on a graphic novel series called Hercules: The Thracian Wars by Steven Moore and Admira Wijaya.

Following along the lines of the graphic novel, the film promises to be gritty, violent, and action-packed. On the other hand, what Dwayne Johnson film doesn't have all of those qualities? Perhaps he is the right choice for this film, and he certainly has the build to play someone like Hercules.

In addition to the upcoming Hercules film, Dwayne Johnson has appeared in several films including the Fast and Furious films, Pain and Gain, The Other Guys, and Empire State. In each film, he continually displays his big muscles, and plays the tough guy in the film.

The film is directed by Brett Ratner. Before this film, he has had several hit films, while also enduring a couple of flops. He has directed films such as Rush Hour, Red Dragon, Rush Hour 3, and Tower Heist.

Dwayne Johnson spoke about the film, and its tone, when saying "The tone is a nice, even balance. I think of Gladiator and 300. There's also personality in the movie. There's fun. There's some wink in the movie in a way that makes the audience feel good."

He also mentioned that, in creating the film, everyone wanted to pay homage to the mythology, while also giving it their own twist. The film's plot will center on Hercules, who, in the wake of his legendary twelve labors, becomes a mercenary. When the King of Thrace and his daughter seek him out for help to defeat a tyrannical warlord, his life is tested in a way it never has before.

Aside from the lead role of Hercules, the film stars Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Joseph Fiennes, Peter Mullan, John Hurt, and Rebecca Ferguson. The new Hercules film featuring Dwayne Johnson will open in theaters on July 25th.

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