Dwayne Johnson Mourns Paul Walker, They Bonded Over Fatherhood

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As everyone is probably aware of by now, Paul Walker died on Sunday. As is the case when a celebrity like that suffers a tragic death, many fans have been mourning, as well as all of his co-stars in the Fast And Furious series, who have spoken out about how good of a friend he was.

Dwayne Johnson is the most recent one, who came out and described Paul Walker as a good father, and said that the two were able to bond over the fatherhood. Paul Walker was most well-known for his part in The Fast And The Furious and its many sequels, with the Fast And Furious 7 film in production at the time of his death.

Walker died on Sunday, November 30th, but the autopsy was just released yesterday, revealing his official cause of death to be the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.

In addition to his role in the spotlight, he was a father to his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow. While most people simply knew Walker as an action star, Dwayne Johnson remembers him as a family man who, above all else, prioritized being a good dad.

Dwayne Johnson spoke of the issue of family in his relationship with Paul Walker when saying, "It was always the number one topic we would talk about. We would talk about silly guy things, his fast cars and my pickup trucks, or we would talk about the beautiful energy of Hawaii -- but it always ultimately came back to family. And very specifically, the beautiful and important bond between a father and his daughter, and how we both realized that over the years."

Johnson, the 41-year-old actor, has been seen in several action films after starting his career has a pro wrestler. He also has a special sentimental side to him, and has a 12-year-old daughter, Simone, that is a big part of his life.

Dwayne Johnson shared a common bond over fatherhood with the late Paul Walker, and will always remember him as a great friend, and loving father.

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