"Dumb Ways To Die" Gets The Video Game Parody It Deserves


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I think we can all agree that "Dumb Ways To Die" is the most delightfully macabre video to hit the Internet in years. The viral ad, created for Melbourne's Metro system, illustrates some rather idiotic ways in which a person can end their own life. It's received numerous covers and parodies since then, but now the song has invaded a medium it was made for - video games.

If you play video games, the characters you control have surely died in a variety of ways. Some deaths may be justified, such as in Dark Souls, but others are just because we're idiots. Did you really just incite the chickens in Zelda to brutally murder you? Perhaps you drove into the water in Grand Theft Auto knowing full well that you can't swim.

I can personally confirm that many of these scenarios have happened to me. I'm sure they've happened to countless gamers around the world as well. As such, the end of the video has the perfect advice - don't throw your controllers. Seriously, it doesn't accomplish anything.

[h/t: Kotaku]