Ducks Invade New York CVS Pharmacy


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Wayward ducks descended upon a Saratoga Springs, New York CVS Pharmacy branch last week, only to be subdued with a Swiffer mop and a bag of popcorn.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by a user named Aplue, one can see the badelynge of roughly 50 daft ducks, who were able to bypass the entrance and run amok (not really, they just sort of hung out) in the aisles. A resourceful employee attempted to shoo these crazed ducks with a mop, only to realize that popcorn was key in luring the maddened fowl out the door.

The confused ducks came from Congress Park, which is up the street from the CVS branch, and those shooed joined their duck friends who were waiting outside.

"There was no serious damage to the store, except for a small amount of mud that the ducks tracked in on their webbed feet," according to Aplue's description of the video.

Perhaps these well-behaved ducks sought vaccination from this season's avian influenza mutation, while cashing in on ExtraCare rewards. A group of ducks is typically called a brace, a badelynge or a bunch, though the most common name is a flock. The male duck is called a drake and the female is called a duck.

In related duck news, Cherokee County police in Georgia have made an arrest in the case of the stolen Duck Dynasty effigy of Uncle Si. A Ball Ground 16-year-old confessed to the crime. According to Police Chief Byron Reeves, “Someone called in a tip and said they’d seen it on a porch outside the city. He admitted that he did take it on his way home one night, and he burned it because he got afraid of the media attention and what it got on social media."

Image via YouTube.