'Duck Dynasty' Headed to Congress?

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The Ducky Dynasty gang won't be taking up congressional seats in their camouflage attire, long beards, and bandannas. However a member of their family is hoping to do just that--sans the attire. Zach Dasher, who is in fact a member of the Duck Dynasty family, has thrown his hat into the congressional ring. He is running for Louisiana's 5th Congressional District.

Dasher is the nephew of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson.

"[The Robertsons] have maxed out in contributions, and they'll be on the campaign trail as well. They're going to be involved as much as they possibly can," Dasher said in a recent interview.

"I'm going to bring in Si my chief strategy consultant, and Phil will obviously be my PR consultant since he's so good with the press," he added.

Zach Dasher was, of course, joking--at least about the Uncle Si part.

Dasher doesn't want his uncle's Duck Dynasty fame to be his platform on which he runs for Congress. He says instead he's set on returning Christian values to Washington, D.C., and stopping the intrusion of the government on people's lives.

"I believe we are in some dark days here in America, but I do believe we can turn the ship around. I'm running because I believe we can change things," Dasher said. "We have to encourage economic growth. Poverty is a result of people not having jobs, right? We have the lowest labor participation in my lifetime, so I would assume what we need to do is promote job creation policies."

A rumor has circulated that the Duck Dynasty nephew may have been hand-picked by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

"I have not met the governor yet. It's kind of hard to be his candidate when we haven't met," Zach Dasher said.

How would you feel if a member of the Duck Dynasty family was running for Congress in your district? Would Zach Dasher get your vote?

Do you think it's possible for him to separate himself from the entire Duck Commander crew?

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