'Duck Dynasty' Family Attends 'Duck Commander Musical' Premiere in Vegas

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Members of the Duck Dynasty family reportedly attended the Duck Commander Musical in Las Vegas for its April 15th opening performance. The show is billed as one "the entire family can see," and it features music that "fuses country, rock, gospel and pop."

The musical based on the Duck Dynasty family is playing at the Las Vegas Rio Hotel and Casino, and promises to be very entertaining. How could it not?

Willie Robertson visited with Jimmy Fallon shortly before the show's premiere, and admitted he was serving as "hair coach" for the show. The Duck Dynasty family members--well, the men, anyway--are known for their long locks that are typically secured around their head with bandannas.

Duck Commander (the name of the show and the family's duck call business) is directed by Tony Award-nominated Jeff Calhoun. It is based on the Duck Dynasty family's book, The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty.

One review says of Duck Commander, "The 90-minute show with Broadway backers and bonafides, including the company behind Jersey Boys, alternates between something akin to a live-action commercial celebrating the family business to a mostly cheery singing and dancing scrapbook of their tight-knit journey."

"Skeptical observers who envisioned a high-kicking dance number complete with hunting rifles and flashy sequin camouflage costumes when they heard of the musical won't be disappointed. Producers, in on the joke, included one such traditional Broadway-style number. The rest is populated with earnest songs with lyrics such as "there's no time for rest, this is my quest," and "be yourself in camouflage" and on the other end, comic relief courtesy of the family's Uncle Si offering fart jokes and "that's what she said" replies. Scenes are set against a high-tech stage set of moving screens including appearances by the real-life Robertson family," the review continues.

On opening night, Fox reports the show made Willie Robertson cry. Maybe it was because patriarch Phil Robertson didn't join the family for the premiere?

The Duck Dynasty family reportedly dined on biscuits and gumbo following the show's opening night.

Is Duck Commander a show you might like to see--perhaps only to observe the absurdity of it? Do you expect it will make a go of its run in Vegas?

Might it be even remotely possible that the Duck Dynasty family will one day find themselves portrayed on Broadway?

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