Duck Dynasty Clan Supports Relative Zach Dasher In Election Bid

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On Thursday, Zack Dasher launched his campaign to become the next representative of Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District in Baton Rouge. Dasher is the nephew of Phil Robertson, star of famed reality TV series Duck Dynasty. Robertson is backing his relative in the race.

When Dasher qualified on Thursday, his Duck Dynasty relatives were nowhere in sight, and only his immediate family was beside him as he filed his paperwork. But in May, at the Republican Leadership Conference, Dasher introduced Robertson, showing that he had his uncle and his family’s support for his campaign.

“[The Robertsons] have maxed out in contributions, and they'll be on the campaign trail as well. They're going to be involved as much as they possibly can,” said Dasher. The Republican candidate joked about his famous relatives, saying, "I'm going to bring in Si my chief strategy consultant, and Phil will obviously be my PR consultant since he's so good with the press.”

The support of the Robertsons for Dasher’s campaign will be very real, though, as they did it before when they previously campaigned for Rep. Vance McAllister when he ran in a special election last year. The Duck Dynasty stars will not be supporting McAllister this year after he became embroiled in controversy surrounding the release of a surveillance tape that showed him giving a passionate kiss to a female aid.

McAllister in turn said he harbored no hard feelings for the Robertson clan, since they were supporting a family member. “They wouldn’t be the family I know them to be if they didn’t support a family member,” he said.

Dasher revealed that his uncle Phil will be heavily involved in his campaign, which centers on bringing Christian values back to Washington D.C. “But being related to Phil doesn’t make me qualified to be the next congressman. What it does is it gives me this platform to promote that our rights do not come from man, they come from God... I’m someone who will fight to dismantle the federal takeover of state rights and restore God back to government,” he said.

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