Dry Ice Bombs Found In Restricted Areas In LAX

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The LAX airport in Los Angeles was wracked from Sunday on by a series of dry ice bombs, which were placed in restricted areas throughout the airport. There were four bombs total, two of which eventually exploded. No injuries have been reported, and the airport claimed that most airport activities have continued relatively normally throughout the investigation.

The first bomb exploded on Sunday evening in a restroom near Terminal 2, which an employee investigated after hearing the explosion. The employee entered the restroom and discovered the plastic bottle that had contained the dry ice. No injuries or damage were done, but the fact that the restroom was in a restricted area, unavailable to the public, is rather alarming. The second explosion occurred on Monday evening, in a restricted area also only available to employees, found near the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Two other bombs have been found in a non-exploded state.

No suspects have been apprehended, yet, but the guilty party, when and if they are found, could be tried in either federal or state court, depending on the circumstances surrounding the reasons for the bombs. Though most operations have continued as normal in the airport, some security has been upped in light of the explosions, particularly around restricted areas. Security officials also reminded airport employees to keep their eyes open and "if you see something, say something," words that any airport familiar will immediately recognize.

Feliciano Jiron, a passenger interviewed before the second explosion, had this to say about the strange circumstances surronding the bombs: "Given the times we live in, it’s a bit interesting that something like this would happen, even with all the security and all the efforts that people are putting forward." In a similar vein, LAPD detective Gus Villanueva went on to say, "Apparently there is no nexus to terrorism right now."

Despite the terrifying implications of dry ice bombs being found in restricted areas in a very busy airport, the fact that nobody was hurt makes this story, ultimately, a good one. It will be even better, however, once the mystery is solved and the culprit handed over to the appropriate authorities.

[Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.]

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